Friends of La Cômbe Rewards

A Case Of Quality & Value

Discovering new and exciting wines is an adventure, great fun and, like finding a great new book or movie, we can’t wait to tell our friends.  If we can combine great quality with super value then it feels like we’re having a good day!

We offer our award-winning vintages at ‘direct from the Chateau’ prices guaranteeing you can’t buy La Combe wines cheaper anywhere else. 

How It Works

We think you’ll enjoy our wine but to maximise our value we’ve upgraded our Friends of La Cômbe loyalty programme to make it a simpler points based system that rewards you with points every time you buy our wine. Moreover through our ‘Refer a Friend’ plan you will also be able to earn bonus points every time your friends buy our wine.


When you make your first purchase on our store, you will automatically register as a Friend of La Cômbe. After your first purchase has been completed, you will receive your login details via email.


Once you have an account, whenever you purchase from our website as a Friend of La Cômbe, you earn points on all the wines you purchase. To view your points level, log into “My account”.


Start earning points – each £1 you spend is worth 10 points We have 4 rewards levels, each offering a greater level of discount. Your discount is based on your spending within the past 365 days.


If you enjoy our wine and refer a friend you earn 5 points for every £1 they spend, which you can redeem against future orders.

Earning Points

Each of our wines has a set point value based on its price (£1 = 10 points). For each wine you purchase, you accumulate that amount of points, the more points you accumulate, the greater a discount you qualify for!

Current Friends of La Cômbe will each be given a 100 point bonus when we switch to the new point system and we’ll update your account so you know exactly where you stand.

We’ve added a ‘Refer a Friend’ section on each personal account.  Simply share your referral link with your friends and family and we will automatically track their spend and reward you .  Our loyalty programme relies on attraction rather than promotion so please check with any friends before referring them.

Rewards Levels

Our Friends of La Cômbe rewards programme has four levels of medals and your discounts will automatically be shown at check out and applied to all your purchases for a one year rolling period.  Please note that your medal status will progress only after your purchase has been completed, which means you receive the discount on your next purchase.



0 - 1999

No Discount

2000 – 6999

10% Discount

7000 - 19999

15% Discount


20% Discount

Please note that Friends of La Cômbe discounts do not apply to already discounted promotional offers.

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