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We’re pursuing a ‘Direct from the Chateau’ business approach in the UK. This means we send our wines from Provence to our UK holding facility and then direct to our customers. There are no middlemen or agents taking percentages at different stages of the supply chain which means you get the best price possible. We guarantee that no one can buy our wine cheaper than on our website.
We believe quality is the single most important factor influencing La Combe purchasers so our focus must always be on making great quality wine. If we can combine great quality with every day great value then our business will surely grow.
We know there’s a lot of choice out there. Many of us are members of wine clubs and we’re often bombarded with promotions and special offers. At La Combe we know that the most important customers we’ll ever have are our loyal friends and we’ll never forget that. Our loyalty programme is a way of saying thank you and reminding our friends that La Combe has many award-winning vintages yet to try.
The loyalty programme has proven popular with customers, if perhaps a bit complicated. We’ve introduced the new scheme so it’s simple, fair and meaningful.

The main changes are that from now on customers will be rewarded for every £ they spend rather than the number of cases ordered. Simply put £1.00 = 10 points and customers go up the discount ladder to Silver (10%), Gold (15%) and Coup de Coeur (20%) depending on how much they’ve spent over the past year (see Rewards page). These discounts can be claimed on future purchases from our ‘shop’ wines and your discount will be automatically calculated and displayed on check out.

Yes, we will continue to offer special deals to our friends which will focus on new wines, combination boxes and seasonal deals. Friends of La Combe will continue to earn loyalty points for every £ spent however limited editions, already discounted, will not be subject to further discounts i.e. no double discounts.
No. Every current customer will be given a ‘100’ point bonus which we will add to your account when we make the move. This will mean that anyone on the margins of the next medal level should be bumped up and no one should slip down.

Quite simply if you know someone who likes our wine and would like to learn more then add them to your ‘refer a friend’ section in your account and we’ll send them some info on Chateau de La Combe. If they order you’ll collect 5 points for every £1.00 they spend over the next year. The more they spend, the more you benefit! (make sure you ask them first though!)

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